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    The company focused on the industry 20 years of experience, is an independent research and development, design, production marketing as a whole Electronic products Processing design research and OEM/ODM electronic High-tech Manufacturing The company has a group of outstanding design senior management personnel and professional sales technical team
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  • The company's electronic products processing design research
  • and OEM/ODM electronic High-tech Manufacturing
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  • Our service guests are: Taiwan's heyday machinery
  • Japan Oriental Music, St Group, and so on a number of quality customers.
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Dongguan Haiwang Electronics Factory was established in 2006, is a professional electronic product processing design and OEM/ODM electronic High-tech Manufacturing, the use of the current domestic advanced circuit board production equipment, production single, double, multilayer circuit board has many years of experience in the circuit board industry, main ultrasonic point melting gun, Hand-held hand welder, small hand-held ultrasonic spot welding machine, soldering iron can be thermostat, 936 soldering irons, custom soldering machine solder Tsui, soldering irons, mold temperature control board, shoe machine high-frequency Control Board, Small appliances Control Board, etc., the company relies on its own technical strength and engineers active work enthusiasm, tailored to customers customer satisfaction products. Won the praise of domestic and foreign guests, we will continue to work hard to gather wisdom, develop team spirit, and constantly improve their technical level and service capabilities, and establish mutually beneficial relations of cooperation. Company's products can be customized according to the requirements of the customer's production!!!! Products are one year shifting, 2-year warranty, so that my guests have no worries. We serve the guests are: Taiwan's heyday machinery, Japan Oriental Music, the St group, and so on a number of quality customers.

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Operation Technology
Mold Temperature Machine Control key Description
A.. start/Stop key, press this key to start, and then press this key mode temperature stop running. B. Cooling key, press this key to force the mold temperature to stop heating, but the pump is working normally. C. Timing switch Machine Set key, the system will be based on the production schedule to be scheduled to boot.
  • Die Temperature Machine Switch Description
    Open the main power switch, the panel display area flashes a few seconds after the "SV" display area shows the last set temperature ...
  • Temperature control PID automatic
    Press and keys at the same time 0.8 seconds after the system will automatically